Sunday, February 12, 2012

Synchronizing our seeds so they germinate at the same time.

Feb 12, 2012
7:55 AM

This morning we are doing something called VERNALIZATION. This means simulating winter. The reason we want to vernalize is to SYNCHRONIZE our seeds so they germinate at the same time. This way we will know if any of our test conditions affect germination.

Even the cat is interested.

Angela told us to put our seeds on moist lab paper. Since we don't have petri dishes like well-funded scientists, we will improvise. We will use old jar lids and cover them with saran wrap.

The seeds are very small, but each can become a plant. Here are ~60 seeds sprinkled on a Valentine's Day card.

We prepared three lids for the normal seeds (in science, we call these wild type) and three lids containing mutant seeds. We got these mutant seeds for free from ABRC at Ohio State University.

We sprinkled a portion of our seeds onto the wet filter paper in our lids, and then wrapped them in saran wrap to keep them wet. Each lid was carefully labeled. 

To keep the seeds in darkness, an important part of vernalization, we wrapped our lids in foil and then in masking tape. Here is the finished product. These seeds go into our fridge for three days to vernalize. 

We hope nobody eats them for a midnight snack.

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